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The unu Scooter was designed in-house in Berlin to make everyday life in the city easier for everyone: it's user-friendly and operates with only three buttons and a simple app. The unu Scooter's battery is small, light and smart. A single charge takes you for a 50km emission-free drive The new Unu scooter has a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph). Stopping power comes from front and rear hydraulic disc brakes as well as regenerative braking via the rear wheel. The scooter is available.

DerunuScooterkannmitderSchlüsselkarteein- undausgeschaltetwerden,istmitderunuCloud verbundenundkannunteranderemFirmware-Updatesherunterladen. Standby SolangederAkkuimRollerist,istermitder unuCloudverbunden.SobaldderAkkuausdem NIU delivers the best electric vehicle in the two-wheel class powered by a Bosch Electric Motor and Panasonic Lithium Battery. Learn more Unu also claims to have one of the largest under-seat storage compartments of any electric scooter, with room for two three-quarter helmets in the 33.4 L (1.18 cubic feet) of space

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  1. The unu Scooter is a category defining product with design and user experience at its core. Designed and ground up by unu to resemble one composite whole, the unu Scooter is a pure technology product, created to facilitate an effortless usage that ultimately enables a powerful, convenient and joyful driving experience
  2. The unu Scooter is up for pre-order now ahead of September availability. There are three models on offer and seven color options, and the starting price will be €2,799 (about US$3,125.
  3. Your unu Scooter battery has a range of up to 50 km. Since you drive 15 km per day on average, you only need to recharge it every 3 days. And your unu has a slot for a second battery that doubles the range to 100 km, just in case 50 km are not enough for you! Efficient through innovation. KERS
  4. Specifications. The unu is available with 3 engine variants (1 kW, 2 kW and 3 kW power). The unu Premium has a 3 kW engine and is available as a 25 km/h and 45 km/h (moped) version. The 25 km/h version has a range of 70 km, the 45 km/h version has a range of 50 km. The unu has an option to connect a second battery to double the range to 140 km
  5. The new Unu scooters mark a stark departure from the vintage-styled Unu scooters they will replace. The new models offer smooth, rounded body features and replace the old needle gauges with a.

The Berlin-based electric scooter manufacturer Unu has started regular sales of the new model via its online store after completing the pre-order phase. The first e-scooters are to be delivered in October. The first production batch of Unu's second-generation electric scooter will be exclusively matte black vehicles. After pre-orderers receive these in October, the manufacturer [ 08.10.2020 - Buche deine Probefahrt, konfiguriere und bestelle deinen unu Scooter online und wir liefern ihn fahrbereit vor deine Haustür

Nach gut 3 Monaten Wartezeit ist endlich mein neuer E-Roller von UNU angekommen. In diesem Video gibt es meinen ersten Eindruck und ein kleines Unboxing von. uncrate.com - Thanks to a sophisticated Bosch engine, battery pack, and regenerative braking technology, the Unu Electric Scooter is one of the cleanest ways to

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  1. About us. unu was created to enable you to make the most of your life in the city. Designed in Berlin. Engineered in Germany. At home in all cities. Meet the unu Scooter: Electric motor, portable.
  2. Does the unu Scooter provide any type of theft protection? Written by Zuma Maijer Updated over a week ago Is the screen on the new unu Scooter a touch screen? Written by Zuma Maijer Updated over a week ago How big is the seat and is there extra comfort for the co-passenger
  3. The unu is available with 3 engine variants (1 kW, 2 kW and 3 kW power). The unu Basic has a 1 kW engine ans is available as a 16 mph and 31 mph (moped) version. The 16 mph version has a range of 70 km, the 31 mph version has a range of 31 miles. The unu has an option to connect a second battery to double the range to 87 miles
  4. unu motors GmbH At unu we're creating mobility solutions to connect people with their city in the best possible way. Drive 100% electric with our unu scooter..

In a couple of months, unu will be launching a new electric scooter model. To coincide with this upcoming launch, we're changing the name of our current scooter model to unu Scooter Classic - both to celebrate its classic design as well as its importance to our overall vision, as it was the first product in our product generation plan The unu scooter (yeah, they spell the name with no caps) broke cover in May, 2019, as an alternative to the retro-styled electric scooters that are quickly gaining market share in Europe.The unu. The unu-scooter is custom made on-demand for each customer, assembled in China and delivered to the customer a few weeks later. The scooters are sold on the Internet after customers arrange a viewing or test drive with a company representative. Only areas where partner workshops are located are able to order the scooter unu Scooter. 25 articles in this collection. Written by Pauline Gillet and Zuma Maijer unu July 20, 2020. We're getting ready to prepare production. unu July 20, 2020. We've got great news, our new unu Scooter has passed all tests of the homologation process. This is a huge moment for us, because passing all homologation tests means we can now prepare to start production. In fact, some of the team are already deep into.

They are no unknown players in the market, you might have met them looking into an Unu scooter for example. While the 72152 is good for ~60km/h the 72182 will squeeze out up to 70km/h. There are many models around, so this for example is the 72182: The Y-Cable. While just a bunch of boring cables, it's a very important part of the job Get ready to get your scooter. Aug 13, 2020. We're extremely excited to announce that our new unu Scooters are now going into production and we'll be delivering the first ones in October. The first batch to roll off the production line will be our matte black model, followed a month later by all the other colour variations Vespa exudes the same sense of freedom and fun the summer months bring. Hop on, ride in style and enjoy the season with financing as low as 3.99% and First Responder incentive. The promotion is only valid from June 1st until July 31st, 2021 on all Vespa MY21 and MY20 models. This promotion won't last long so visit your local dealer today

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The all-new unu scooters - enjoy your city differently. June 14th, 2021. By Michael Wiesemann. Today we're excited to announce the relaunch of the fully revamped product website and e-commerce shop for unu Scooter in Berlin with full speed. Together with the product and design teams at unu our goal was to bring their vision of inspiring. If you are interested in the scooter, you can sign up on their website for the waiting list and be the first to test the new generation. Technical details about the unu Scooter . Top speed - 45 km/h (= scooter of class 50cc) Designed for 2 passengers Range - up to 50 km (1 battery) / 100 km (2 batteries Meet the unu Scooter. Electric motor, portable batteries, integrated navigation, shareable digital key and plenty of space for your stuff.Follow us on:Websit.. Unu Electric Scooter Thanks to a sophisticated Bosch engine, battery pack, and regenerative braking technology, the Unu Electric Scooter is one of the cleanest ways to move around your city. The first scooter to deliver top speed — in this case, about 28 mph — regardless of charge level, it can be driven using a regular driver's license.

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The unu 2 is a second generation electric scooter from an electric scooter manufacturer from Berlin, Germany. The scooter is almost completely redesigned including a new battery and motor. The old uno model has been renamed to unu Classic. The unu 2 is available with 3 engine variants: 2,000 watt (basic), 3,000 watt (standard) and 4,000 watt. Unu is a new electric scooter with vintage looks and a portable battery unit that can be virtually charged anywhere, at any standard wall outlet. The e-scooter has a battery range of up-to 30 miles (it has a slot for an optional second battery that doubles the range), a top speed of 28mph and weighs just 127 pounds (approximately half of a Vespa), making it so versatile that you can weave. Such a joy to ride this scooter. I've always loved the Classic but since riding the new unu Scooter, I can't think of a better riding experience. I'm really proud to see where we are today and can't wait for us to get into production soon. And it's hard to keep 22 scooters riding over 22,000 km in one city a secret In winter, the unu Scooter Classic should be parked in a place that's dry and not too cold (0-25 degrees) to prevent metal parts from rusting or rubber parts from becoming porous - whether you ride or not. If no garage or covered accommodation is available, special winter tarpaulins or folding garages can protect the scooter from the weather

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The UNU Scooter Latest update: 14 Oct 2017. Back to overview. While the UNU Scooter is a hefty €1,799 (approximately $2,199), it's a one of a kind smart electric scooter. It has a sleek and stylish design, a BOSCH engine, and a seat for two. With an amazing battery range of 30 miles, those with a short commute of 10 miles a day only need to. unu is the smart electric scooter for you and your city. With the new BOSCH electric motor, 7 new unu colours, Heidenau tyres, a seat for two and delivery right to your doorstep, you are ready to drive with your unu Scooter. Megatrends like e-mobility, mobility as a service and autonomous driving will continue to speed up the change in the. The New unu Scooter. unu, the Berlin-based mobility company launches the second generation of the unu Scooter. It can now be pre-ordered at a reduced price and will be available in the regular sale from 2.799€, starting in August. The Berlin-based company designed the new unu Scooter in-house and completely redeveloped it in cooperation with. Europe ahead, enjoy easy, electrical Scooters have long been popular. This mobility alternative should also be used in European cities become accessible, so that Unu brought electric scooters with a sharing concept to the road for the first time. With key sharing, the connected scooter can be shared with family and friends via the app without a. The scooter is compact, light with only 57 kg and moreover it looks very nice. Technical details about the unu Scooter Classic. Maximum speed - 45 km/h (= scooter of class 50cc) Up to two passengers. Range - 50 km (mit 1 battery) / 100 km (mit 2 batteries) Extended range by recovering the braking energy

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The UNU Scooter is the first of its kind to have a battery than can literally be charged almost anywhere. Instead of needing a fancy plugin for charging, this can be attached to any regular wall outlet in the same way that one boosts up their smartphones. Moreover the scooter looks great too, and does not compromise at all on style Digitalization is becoming ever more important in the sector: the Berlin-based start-up Unu launched a new scooter on the market last year, with a display capable of showing directions straight from the navigation app on a mobile phone, and also fitted with a digital key. It is started by pressing a button, and an app means the scooter can also. Unu worked with leading technology firms such as Bosch and LG to improve the performance of the scooter, which it claims now offers one of the fastest acceleration values of any electric scooter First test ride on the new unu Scooter through Berlin. unu. August 13, 2020 · Exciting news ahead: we're starting production and we'll be delivering the first unu Scooters in October!.

unu Scooter Webdesign for unu electric scooter . 15. 40 For the past five years, Unu has sold 10,000 scooters. The market for electric scooters is quite different depending on your country. In parts of Asia, they are massively popular and are slowly.

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The New unu Scooter is designed by Unu by cooperating with BOSCH and LG. This electric scooter uses an electric motor from BOSCH to push the rear wheel. While Lithium-ion batteries from LG can reach a distance of 100 kilometers and can be removed to be recharged at home or a charging station unu Verified For all those wondering how big the storage of the unu Scooter is: it's 33,4 litres big and you can fit up to two helmets - or a lot of Christmas presents - inside Jun 21, 2020 - 1,608 Likes, 259 Comments - @unu on Instagram: It's finally here! Say hello to our new baby - the new unu Scooter. . . . #unu #unuScooter 06.11.2020 - German mobility company Unu has launched an electric scooter with smart features including anti-theft protection and digital key sharing unu, the berlin-based mobility company launches the second generation of the unu electric scooter. the scooter was designed by unu's design team in berlin and the munich based industrial.

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unu Scooter Problems. unu Scooter Problems. 3 articles in this collection Written by Pauline Gillet. The scooter won't turn on. Written by Pauline Gillet Updated over a week ago The scooter turns on but it won't drive. Written by Pauline Gillet Updated over a week ago How to do a Hard Reboot Berlin-based mobility company unu has launched the second generation of its electric scooter co-designed by unu's design team and Munich based industrial designer Christian Zanzotti.The latest generation of the unu scooter was designed by unu and developed in cooperation with partners such as Bosch and LG in Germany

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Your unu scooter comes in 7 different colours, with a BOSCH motor, tires from Heidenau, portable battery and a comfortable seat for two people. At unu we love urban culture and we believe that music is an essential part of it. This is the reason why we started the unu X City Tape series in collaboration with amazing local artists we like The new Unu scooter has a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph). Stopping power comes from the front and rear hydraulic disc brakes as well as regenerative braking via the rear wheel. The scooter is available in three different models with varying power and acceleration. Riders can choose between a 2 kW (€2,799), 3 kW (€3,299) or 4 kW (€3,899. unu, Berlin, Germany. 20,881 likes · 18 talking about this · 8 were here. Meet the unu Scooter: Electric motor, portable batteries, integrated navigation, shareable digital key and plenty of space..

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Effective August 2, 2020 - the law allows people to operate electric scooters (e-scooters) and bicycles with electric assist (e-bikes) on some streets and highways in New York State. Electric scooter - a type of device with handlebars, a floorboard or a seat, and an electric motor that can be powered by the electric motor and/or human power. 1 May 24, 2019 - Since 2014 the Berlin based company unu Motors is producing electric scooters, allowing people to discover their city with a new form of electric powered transportation. In May 2019 unu has released their smart electric scooter, the unu scooter. Zanzotti ID had the great pleasure to co-develop the product design of the new unu scooter unu is an urban mobility brand based in Berlin. Our first product was the unu Scooter Classic, an electric scooter with portable batteries launched in 2014. Our products are sold both directly to consumers and business customers, making them accessible to everyone and resulting in fair prices by eluding dealership costs

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CleanTechnica is the #1 cleantech-focused news & analysis website in the US & the world, focusing primarily on electric cars, solar energy, wind energy, & energy storage With 3kW and 4kW motor versions, the unu Scooter is designed for fast acceleration and has a battery range of up to 100km. The display includes navigation as well as custom notification options - making it easy for users to find their way around the city. Designed in Berlin. Engineered in Germany TheunuScooteronlyhasthreebuttons.Thisis howtheywork. Indicators Display Rear Brake Front Brake Seat Box Horn Indicators Thisswitchactivatesyour scooter'sleftandright indicators. Seat box Thisbuttonopenstheseat boxwhenthescooteris turnedon. Hor The unu has a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) or regenerative braking in which energy from braking is returned to the battery. Regenerative braking reduces air pollution emitted by disc brakes while saving power costs. Smart scooter. The unu 2 is a true smart scooter that connects with a smart phone and that provides a touch screen display

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The unu Scooters power management YourunuScootercanbeinthreedifferentstates: 1. Ready-Yourscooteristurnedonandis eitherparkedorreadytodrive. 2. Standby-Yourscooteristurnedoffand eitherhasamainbatteryinsertedornot. 3. Hibernation. The unu Scooter will be tested and certified by the world leader in product testing and certification, TÜV. The scooter goes through extensive testing in line with international standards and directives, and is compliant with European vehicle regulations Unu Motors Elias Atahi, Pascal Blum and Mathieu Caudal cofounded Unu Motors, which makes an electric scooter that can be charged virtually anywhere - even in any standard wall outlet - thanks to. unu Scooter Factsheet unu fahren → Reichweite bis zu 50 km bzw. 100 km mit zwei Akkus - je nach Fahrverhalten → Höchstgeschwindigkeit 45 km/h - unabhängig von Motorstärke und Akkustand → Konstante Endgeschwindigkeit (bei den letzten 5% einer Akkuladung abnehmende Höchstgeschwindigkeit