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The Taking of Tiger Mountain (Chinese: 智取威虎山) is a 2014 Chinese-Hong Kong 3D epic action film directed by Tsui Hark, produced by Huang Jianxin and Yu Dong, and based on the novel Tracks in the Snowy Forest by Qu Bo. The story is based on a conflict between the People's Liberation Army of China and a bandit gang. It was released on December 23, 2014 Tiger Electronics (also known as Tiger and Tiger Toys) is an American toy manufacturer best known for its handheld LCD games, the Furby, the Talkboy, Giga Pets, the 2-XL robot, and audio games such as Brain Warp.When it was an independent company, Tiger Electronics Inc., its headquarters were in Vernon Hills, Illinois. It has been a subsidiary of Hasbro since 1998 In 3D computer graphics, 3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical coordinate-based representation of any surface of an object (inanimate or living) in three dimensions via specialized software by manipulating edges, vertices, and polygons in a simulated 3D space.. Three-dimensional (3D) models represent a physical body using a collection of points in 3D space, connected by. Google 3D animals: how to see a tiger, lion and panda in 3D. Comment Just underneath the image search results and the Wikipedia description of the animal, you'll be able to see a box that.

Tiger Simulator 3D is another fantastic simulation game brought to you by CyberGoldfinch. Tigers are truly magnificent and beautiful animals and you now get the chance to see what it is like to live as these regal animals in the wild. You take control of a single tiger and must prowl through the wild and try to survive and grow strong Just below that, Google invites you to Meet a life-sized tiger up close and offers a View in 3D button. Click the button and you're well on your way to bringing a tiger to life. If you hit. Take a picture and be a Tiger King! 1. Grab your Android or iPhone. The first and easiest step is to just grab your smart device. Thankfully, Google's 3D animals AR objects work perfectly fine. Amazing Facts About the Tiger. As the largest member of the cat family, tigers are strong, powerful and one of nature's most feared predators. Their beautiful orange and black striped coats provide camouflage when hunting prey at night when they can reach speeds of 65 km/hr (~40 mph)

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Tiger 3D models. Bring your project to life with animated models. There are characters, props, environments, and many creatures ready for use and available in every industry standard file format - from Maya to glTF. Animated 3D models are suitable for movies, games and all sorts of other interactive applications Click the 'view in 3D' button, then click view in your space to see the panda in your own surroundings. Around the box, Google also provides related information about Tiger animal as. Wikipedia in 3D. May 13, 2010 by Jay Walsh. (Update: We've received a lot of feedback about how the new Wikipedia identity functions in different browsers, and we're working on some minor improvements over the next few days. We've captured much of the feedback below, and now encourage users to visit this thread on Wikimedia Commons where.

Tiger (Panthera tigris) är ett kattdjur som endast lever i Asien. Tigern är det största nu levande kattdjuret. Man delar upp de idag förekommande bestånden i sex underarter. Utöver detta känner man till tre utdöda underarter. De flesta tigrar lever i fuktig tropisk och subtropisk lövskog, men finns även i tempererade löv- och barrskogar TIGER SENSES. Hearing The ear is the sharpest and best-developed sense of Tigers and plays an important part during their hunting activities. In general, cats have better capabilities than humans to perceive acute sounds, up to 60 kHz Google 3D animals: How to watch AR animals Finding 3D animals on Google is very easy and the process includes just a simple Google Search. For example, to find Tiger in AR you will just need to type Tiger in the Google Chrome app, scroll down a bit, and you will be able to see View in 3D option inside a box that states Meet a life-sized tiger up close

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Want to see a tiger in your backyard? Google has brought a neat feature to its search results: augmented reality models, which allow users to take a look at a 3D image of a search result. It's a. As professionally managed and family-owned business TIGER Coatings operates internationally 8 production facilities, 3 R&D centers and maintains a sales network in roughly 50 countries. With our core brands TIGER Drylac ® powder coating, TIGITAL ® inks & powders for industrial digital printing and TIGITAL ® 3D materials, we create high-quality surfaces with added value Tiger facts: The tiger is the largest cat in the world. 2. Tigers are very good swimmers. Unlike many felids, tigers are strong swimmers. They often deliberately bathe in ponds, lakes, and rivers. They have been seen crossing rivers up to 7 km (4.3 mi) across and swimming up to 29 km (18 mi) in a day

Tiger King: 9 things you didn't know about Netflix's insane hit show. Joe's singing, John's missing teeth, Carole's missing husband: All the things you might have missed Google 3D animals: How to watch 3D animals on Google at home. Google 3D Animals: Google introduced 3D Animals feature for search last year at 2019 I/O event. As the name of the feature suggests it allows people to watch augmented reality (AR) animals right at home Tiger (znanstveno ime Panthera tigris) je največji predstavnik mačk, saj lahko zraste do 230 cm dolžine, z dodatno več kot 1 m dolgim repom. Prepoznamo ga po oranžnem kožuhu s črnimi progami. Med podvrstami so precejšne razlike v velikosti, barvi in vzorcu. Tiger je samotar

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Tiger džungľový (iné názvy: tiger pruhovaný, tiger pásavý, tiger, zastarano tiger kráľovský, lat. Panthera tigris) je cicavec z čeľade mačkovité ( Felidae ), jedna zo štyroch veľkých mačiek rodu Panthera Browse 266,934 tiger stock photos and images available, or search for tiger face or lion to find more great stock photos and pictures. tiger portrait - tiger stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. sumatran tiger - tiger stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images 05 A tiger's roar can be heard from 3 kilometres away. 01 Tigers prey on deer, buffalo, antelopes, and other larger mammals for food. 02 Tigers hunt at night. 03 Wild tigers are pure carnivores. 04 Sumatran tigers are the smallest among all tiger types

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The Last Tiger is the final singleplayer War Story featured in Battlefield V. The level has been released on December 5, 2018.1 The storyfollows a German Tiger tank crew in the final days of World War IIon the Western Front, and how they begin to question the ideology that got them to this point.2 1 Plot 1.1 The Tiger's Bite 1.2 Turning Point 1.3 Tooth and Nail 2 Video Walkthrough 3 Gallery 4. The Tiger I engine was developed by Maybach-Motorenbau GmbH. Maybach produced the engines for all medium and heavy German tanks. The Tiger's engine, the Maybach HL 210 P45, was a V-12 water-cooled gasoline engine with a capacity of 21.33 liters and a power output of 650 bhp at 3,000 rpm Tigrul (Panthera tigris) este o specie de mamifere carnivore din familia felidelor, fiind una dintre cele patru specii ale genului Panthera.Este cel mai mare reprezentant al subfamiliei Pantherinae și unul dintre cei mai mari răpitori tereștri (după ursul polar și cel brun).Dimensiunile unui tigru siberian la vârsta de 6 luni sunt comparabile cu cele ale unui leopard adult As the cubs grow up Giles Clark thinks it's time for Spot and Stripe to start socialising with the adult tigers. Taken from Tigers About The House. Subscribe..

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Tiger. Easily recognized by its coat of reddish-orange with dark stripes, the tiger is the largest wild cat in the world. The big cat's tail is three feet long. On average the big cat weighs 450 pounds, about the same as eight ten-year-old kids. It stands three feet tall with teeth four inches long and claws as long as house keys Google 3D animals: How to watch AR animals Finding 3D animals on Google is very easy and the process includes just a simple Google Search. For example, to find Tiger in AR you will just need to type Tiger in the Google Chrome app, scroll down a bit, and you will be able to see View in 3D option inside a box that states Meet a life-sized tiger up close

Daniel Tiger for Parents. Daniel Tiger's Storybooks. Stop and Go Pott Download the best 3D models for 3D printer. Discover on this page all 3D files that have marked the 3D printing community! 3D print these superb STL files and post the photos of the result in our Makes section The Taking of Tiger Mountain: Directed by Hark Tsui. With Hanyu Zhang, Tony Ka Fai Leung, Kenny Lin, Nan Yu. A story focusing on a conflict between a People's Liberation Army squad and a bandit gang in north-east China during the Chinese revolution

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A list of LCD handheld games made by Tiger from 1985 to 2000. 1 1985 2 1986 3 1987 4 1988 5 1989 6 1990 7 1991 8 1992 9 1993 10 1994 11 1995 12 1996 13 1997 14 1998 15 1999 16 2000 Thundercats Bowling (first LCD handheld game made by Tiger) Soccer Football Golf Boxing Voltron: Defender of the Universe Transformers: Heroic Autobots Transformers: Evil Decepitcons My Little Pony Sesame Street. Wikipedia: Danaus genutia, the common tiger, is one of the common butterflies of India. It belongs to the crows and tigers, that is, the Danainae group of the brush-footed butterflies family. The butterfly is also called striped tiger in India to differentiate it from the equally common plain tiger, Danaus chrysippus. D. genutia is distributed throughout India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and. Who will win in a fight between the Lion VS Tiger? In a real fight the Tiger might be the winner because it has a lot of advantage against the Lion. Tiger is.. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Riku can obtain the Keeba Tiger Recipe from a chest at the Delusive Beginning. The Keeba Tiger can be created through three different recipes. This article about an enemy from the Kingdom Hearts series is a stub. You can help Kingdom Hearts Wiki by expanding it Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger (též PzKpfw VI, Tiger I ausf.H či SdKfz 181) byl německý těžký tank vyvinutý za druhé světové války, který byl od roku 1942 nasazován v Africe a Evropě, obvykle v nezávislých těžkých tankových praporech. Jeho konečné označení Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf.E se často zkracovalo na Tiger.Tiger I poskytl německé armádě první obrněné.

Duke Nukem 3D is a first-person shooter video game developed and published by 3D Realms.. Released on April 24, 1996, Duke Nukem 3D is the third game in the Duke Nukem series and a sequel to Duke Nukem II.The game was a commercial success and has seen numerous console ports, expansion packs, and special edition re-releases since its debut. It continues to maintain a strong fanbase, which has. The Tiger is a Legendary Pet that was introduced in the 14.1.0 update. 1 Appearance 2 Strategy 3 Counters 4 Stats 5 Trivia It takes the appearance of a yellow and black striped tiger with green eyes, and a long tail and brown nose. It also has two fangs, albeit they are only for decoration. It has three claws in its feet and it has whiskers. The Tiger's attack does moderate damage to players. Tigre. Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre. Tigre-de-bengala ( Panthera tigris tigris ). Mapa de distribuição do tigre em 1900 (em laranja) e após 1990 (em vermelho). O tigre [feminino: tigresa] ( nome científico: Panthera tigris) é um mamífero carnívoro da família dos felídeos, que habita o continente asiático Here at National Geographic Kids, we love fur-ocious felines! So get ready to roar with our TEN tiger facts Tiger facts. 1) Tigers are the largest wild cats in the world. Adults can weigh up to 363kg (that's about the same as ten ten year olds!) and measure up to 3.3m!. 2) Tigers are carnivores, eating only meat. They mainly feed on large mammals such as deer, wild pigs, antelope and buffalo

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The Keeba Tiger (キバタイガー, Kiba Taigā?) is a Dream Eater that appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Its Spirit version is obtained via Spirit synthesis, while its Nightmare version can be found in The World That Never Was. 1 Journal Entries 1.1 Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance 2 Physical Appearance 2.1 Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance What's there to say. This is a transcript forFinding Daniel Tiger. [Music playing] Super Why: Wow. Wonder Red: Mmm. Super Why: Wow. Wonder Red: Mm-hmm. Super Why: Wow. Wonder Red: Yes, Super Why. No, I see it. It's beautiful. Super Why: So, Wonder Red, when you said you wanted an outside view, you didn't think you'd get the whole world, didyou? Huh? [Sighs] Oh, yeah. A super reader can breathe out here. Did your. Tiger Racket is the strongest racket, providing 45 Attack, is Wind-elemental, and teaches the ability Dispel. It can be obtained by going to Quan's Dwelling and using a Dead Pepper from the balcony into the water below. Obtaining it yields The Ultimate Racket achievement/trophy in the versions that support an achievements system Tiger sharks are common in tropical and sub-tropical waters throughout the world. Large specimens can grow to as much as 20 to 25 feet in length and weigh more than 1,900 pounds 1 Biography 2 Personality 3 Appearances 4 Trivia 5 Gallery Chota's Mother is a female Bengal Tiger that came to the jungle with her son Chota until she ended up separated from him it was through the help of Mowgli that the two were reunited. She cares and is protective of her son Chota and grateful towards those who protect him like Mowgli. Click here to see Chota's Mother Appearances in the.

WOW! In this tiger facts video for kids you will learn some incredible facts about tigers! Kids will love learning about the largest cats in the world! Perfe.. The Jungle Book: Directed by Jon Favreau. With Neel Sethi, Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba. After a threat from the tiger Shere Khan forces him to flee the jungle, a man-cub named Mowgli embarks on a journey of self discovery with the help of panther Bagheera and free-spirited bear Baloo The Snow Tiger is an enemy encountered in Hexen II Mission Pack: Portal of Praevus. Snow Tiger are only found in Tulku Hub. They were quick and agile like the Were Jaguar and Were Panther with the behaviour like their Mesoamerican counterpart. But however, they attempt to block ranged attacks a lot from the player Yes please, I would like to receive e-mail newsletters from Zebra A/S, and Tiger North Ltd., Tiger Retail Ltd., Tiger UK Ltd., TGR Stores Ltd., TZ Stores Ltd., Tiger Cardiff Ltd., with information on the Flying Tiger Copenhagen brand, including offers and other information such as competitions and store events 3-08 In Search Of... The Great Lakes Triangle (Part 2 of 3) Mission of the Shark The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis (1991) Mission of the Shark The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis (1991)-

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  1. ali che tiene il controllo, dall'imponente ed impenetrabile fortezza di Tiger Mountain, della Cina del Nord negli anni '40
  2. Ava Ayala. Prof. Ramon Vasquez (Impersonator) Prime Marvel Universe. (Earth-616) White Tiger. Earth X. (Earth-9997) White Tiger. Deadpool 2099
  3. Tiger Underwear is a direct to consumer online brand for men and boys. Tiger Briefs features our exclusive double back for comfort, absorbency and longer wear. Tiger Trainers provides additional absorbency with 4 layers fly and seat. Most Tiger Briefs are available in white as well as assorted colors and prints
  4. Life of Pi: Directed by Ang Lee. With Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Ayush Tandon, Gautam Belur. A young man who survives a disaster at sea is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While cast away, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor: a fearsome Bengal tiger

Paper Tiger greatly SIMPLIFIED filing by eliminating the problems found in traditional alphabetic methods and made finding paper files in the office faster and much more reliable. The software is a very powerful, yet simple indexing system for paper office files. It works like a search engine for paper files to help you stay organized Bringing your creative vision to life is easy with Daz Studio, the free 3D. software. Our smart and modular content and customizable figure. platform allow for mixing, matching, and adjusting until your character. and scene are perfect. Choose from ready-made items in the Daz 3D. store for effortless world building TigerCad is a simple technical drawing software (CAD). Ideal for garden design, mechanical engineering drawings, electrical / electronic, building and room plans, and general diagramming. Output. Hololive Production (ホロライブプロダクション hororaibu purodakushon, stylized in lowercase), or simply known as hololive (ホロライブ), is a Virtual Talent agency consisting of Virtual YouTubers owned by Japanese tech entertainment company Cover Corporation. The name hololive was initially used for Cover's 3D stream distribution app, launched in December 2017, and later its.

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Tiger Stadium Seating Chart - LSU. GameDay Central. Interactive Stadium Map (Concessions, Entry and More) Printable Seating Chart (.pdf) | Full-Size Image (.jpg) Tradition Fund Seating and. Nightshift - Undertaker (RETRO) [Since 1990-1993] Amber Lance - Dean Ambrose. Rory Awesome - Randy Orton. Mike Shawshot - Shawn Michaels. Stunner Stu - Billy Gunn. Slam Dunk - CM Punk. Mat ShowMan - Machoman Randy Savage. Trojan Force - Roman Reigns. Slow Mo - The Big Show The Tiger's fenders are called: ex_decor_l_01 and ex_decor_r_01. But its shovels and so on on the hull around the turret are: Ex_decor_01. Important notes on names: The names of all objects consist of lowercase letters, do not use uppercase. Do not use space marks - only underscores This article is about the evil counterpart of Flippy. To view information about Flippy himself, see Flippy. Fliqpy is the main antagonist of Happy Tree Friends, and the split personality of Flippy. 1 Character Bio 2 Genita 3 Fliqpy's Episodes and Flip-Outs (running gag) 3.1 Starring Roles 3.2 Featuring Roles 3.3 Appearance Roles 3.4 W.A.R. Journal Episodes 4 Role Count By Season 5 Occupations.

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The lion (Panthera leo) is a large mammal of the Felidae (cat) family.Some of the larger males weigh over 250 kg (550 lb). Today, wild lions live in sub-Saharan Africa and in Asia. Lions are adapted for life in grasslands and mixed areas with trees and grass. The relatively small females are fast runners over short distances, and coordinate their hunting of herd animals This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to help show content that is more relevant to your interests. By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies by Flickr and our partners as described in our cookie policy Diet of the Bengal Tiger. Like all tigers, the Bengal subspecies are carnivores, which means that they eat meat. A particularly large tiger can eat up to 60 lbs. in a single night, but most eat less than this. Their hunting method is stalk and kill. The cats creep quietly and rely on their camouflage to hide them

View, comment, download and edit tiger Minecraft skins The Tiger Force vehicles the Tiger Fly, the Tiger Paw (ridden by Dusty) and the Tiger Cat.. Tiger Force was a subgroup within G.I. Joe. Uniforms were mainly yellow and green in color with tiger stripe design. Their vehicles were primarily yellow in coloring and had the same tiger stripe patterns. Tiger Force used G.I. Joe vehicles and captured Cobra Vehicles

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Rampage (G1) The name or term Rampage refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Rampage (disambiguation). Rampage is a Decepticon Predacon from the Generation 1 continuity family. Just hand over the remote control, and no one has to die here. Rampage is a bundle of hyper-energetic, destructive fury Life of a tiger is not easy but filled with thrill, hunt and adventures. Fight against the might creatures and show your hunting and survival skills in this wild tiger attack 3d sim. Battle against the wild animals show how dangerous an African tiger can get. Survive in the wilderness to dominate the jungle wildlife A younger Sagat. With 7 ft 5 (226 cm), Sagat is the fourth-tallest character in the whole Street Fighter franchise, behind T. Hawk, Hugo and Abigail.There is evidence to suggest that Sagat's height was the result of him suffering from Gigantism W disorder.. In his youth, Sagat used to have long hair, which is shown to be reddish-brown in one of his alternate costumes in Street Fighter IV Meowser is the name used for the Cat form of Bowser introduced in Super Mario 3D World.Bowser obtains the form only once during the final battle in The Great Tower of Bowser Land.He has white and orange fur with brown stripes similar to a tiger's, a ringed tail, cat ears instead of horns, whiskers, and his nose is black The Tiger Shark is a flyer used by the Tau Empire.It is the Barracuda's larger cousin, often deployed in the fighter-bomber role. It is also a Drone carrying aircraft that is often used to deploy gun drones from its internal racks at high altitude

For enemies in related Duke Nukem games, see here.The enemies in Duke Nukem 3D are 22 in total, including seven that were introduced in the Atomic Edition and 20th Anniversary Edition. Most of these enemies make recurring appearances throughout the game. Five are considered bosses. In the original 1996 release, Duke Nukem 3D featured twelve recurring enemies. Two more were added in the Atomic. The continental tiger's habitat extends across Asia, from the Russian Far East to mangrove forests of the Sundarbans to the Lower Mekong. For many decades, tiger populations declined precipitously as a result of habitat loss, poaching, and trade of tiger products. Their numbers reached an all-time low by the mid-2000s. In the last few years, we have been seeing signs of tiger population. Description. Pets are loyal animals who fight on your side. They are obtained from the Super Incubator for 75 (for 3 eggs) and the Egg Delivery case, which can be opened at least every 12 hours. This category lists all of the pets in Pixel Gun 3D. pencil-small

Description. The Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger Ausf.H1, also known as the Tiger H1, is a rank III German heavy tank with a battle rating of 5.3 (AB/RB/SB).It was introduced during the Closed Beta Test for Ground Forces before Update 1.41. The Tiger H1 carries its reputation from real-life to its in-game performances, armed with the infamous 88 mm gun that can easily destroy most tanks it meets Toralei Stripe is a 2011/2017-introduced and all-around character. She is a werecat and a student at Monster High.Her best friends in life, to the point that they, for all intents and purposes are sisters, are Meowlody and Purrsephone.Toralei usually functions as the leader of their group and together the trio are some of the worst sources of trouble at the school Explore 17 levels of the Australian Outback in their old-school 3D platforming glory. 13 different boomerangs including the Frostyrang, Flamerang and powerful Doomerang. Improved camera & graphics; including updated shadows, reflections, HD resolutions and 60fps. New Gamemode called Hardcore Mode The Astray Red Frame Kai is the upgraded version of the MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame developed and piloted by Lowe Guele. It first appeared in the photo series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED VS Astray. 1 Technology & Combat Characteristics 2 Armaments 3 System Features 4 History 5 Notes & Trivia 6 Picture Gallery 6.1 Gunpla 7 References 8 External links An upgraded form of MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame. About 3D Modeling Software. This page offers a list of 3D modeling software for use with sculpt maps for Sculpted Prims, along with a short explanation of popular 3D file formats. Each entry lists the software package's web site, operating system support, cost and trial versions if applicable, and the licence


Tiger (P) had its turret mounted forward, what also made the operating in enclosed areas dangerous. In July of 1942, both prototypes were put to the extensive tests at the tank school in Berka, Germany. During the tests, Porsche's VK 4501 (P) was a failure, while Henschel's VK 4501 (H) was a great success.. Don't call me 'kitty'.Shira on the nickname Diego gave her. Shira was a female saber-toothed tiger and a distrusted first mate of the seafaring ape, Captain Gutt. She is the (former) secondary antagonist of Ice Age: Continental Drift but she went on to leave her life at sea and joined the the herd as Diego's mate. Shira lived in the Herd Valley happily married to Diego for many years to come. The White Tigerzord, also known as the White Tiger Thunderzord, was the White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger's original Zord and Tommy's second overall. 1 Overview 2 History 3 Additional Formations 3.1 Warrior mode 4 Mega Tigerzord 5 Red Dragon Riding White Tigerzord 6 Notes 7 Appearances 8 See Also 9 References Tiger mode was the primary form that the Tigerzord took when entering battle. It.

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  1. The Type-0 space carrier-based fighter(「零式宇宙艦上戦闘機」?) or Cosmo Zero23 was a space attack fighter which can engage space-, air- and ground targets. It was a space fighter plane used by forces of the United Nations Cosmo Navy. Like most space crafts in the show it has transatmospheric capability. In Star Blazers, Kato/Cory Conroy appears to have called it space fighter Zero.
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